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Biodynamic Craniosacral
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About Us

BioDynamic Touch

biodynamic craniosacral healing

Studying healing inevitably leads us towards discovering the principles of nature.

Listening to living organisms is an immersion into the dynamics of life. 

Receiving and studying a form of therapy naturally changes the way we live our life 

bringing more awareness and presence to our everyday rhythms. 

These workshops intend to develop our awareness of space, increase our depth of presence and explore the relational field between each of us creating a microcosm of our world within a small group of 8-12 people 


Therapeutic benefits abound, awareness of ourselves deepens, relational dynamics improves.

We learn to be with ourselves and with each other, a group field is created and each workshop journey is unique and cannot be repeated  


As we learn to be with what is, we will also be curious about the principles of healing arising from touch.

We will look at the concept of health seen from different perspectives

learning to recognize body language and living anatomy. 

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Upcoming classes + Live Q&A and introduction to my classes on April 3rd 2023

Module 1

FEB 4-9, 2024

Module 2

FEB 11-16. 2024

Module 3

FEB-18-22  2024



Join me for a Q&A session and introduction to my trainings in Bali, Sweden and France




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Live Trainings

Biodynamic Touch Program

Online Classes

Symbolic Language Series

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Biodynamic Touch
Foundation Levels
Live Trainings

Biodynamic Touch is a blend of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Symbolic Language. It is for anyone interested in learning about healing, holding space, enhancing your perceptive skills & your therapeutic posture, and learning about the power of non-invasive touch.


Level 1 Sacred Space: Awareness of Space. focuses on developing perceptual and relational skills, anchoring your awareness in the biodynamic approach and discovering subtle energetic anatomy and the principles of healing. We create a non-invasive field I call "sacred space" where we contact the first boundary of the patient, his or her space. We will learn how space is the first boundary and the principle agent of healing forces within a person's field. 

Level 2 Inner Space: Awareness of Fluids. brings us on a journey through physical anatomy, integrating within ourselves our own inner space through the ventricular space in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid. We will learnt apply touch and listen to the fluid of the body, through the mid-tide and long-tide. We cover the foundation of Craniosacral therapy. 

In Level 3 As above so below: Awareness of Structures. we work more deeply with embryology, venous sinuses and the language of the body, living anatomy and the symbolic language.

Graduates of Level I and beyond can take part of our online student community called "Symbiosis"

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Live Trainings


Winter 2024

Level 1

FEB 4-9

Level 2

FEB 11-16

Level 3

FEB 18-22


8 au 13 mai 2024

Level 2

15 au 20 mai 2024

Level 3





Level 1


Level 2


Level 3

Online Classes

symbolic language series


Since the pandemic in 2020, the world is moving increasingly towards an online presence. At first I was reticent to replacing human connection with a screen and replace touch with a distant connection. Yet there is a value in staying connected, bypassing the screen and using it as a window or a bridge to unite the space we share and bring classes on a weekly or monthly basis.


Those classes aren't meant to be "consumed" passively like we tend to use the screen during entertainment or while multitasking. When joining my online classes, we require full presence and watching each recording as if being in a live class.  

There is 2 types of online offerings I am sharing: Symbolic Language Classes and a yearly basis community of students wanting to stay connected monthly & deepen their awareness of the work. 

My online classes are called "SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE", it is about enhancing your perceptive skills in listening to the dialogue between the symptoms and the person inhabiting the body. Symbolic Language is the language of the body, of archetypes, of consciousness. These skills are perfect to add to any body of work you have already learned, or it is a beautiful addition to your personal healing journey to start with or at any points along your journey. 


Online classes

Symbolic Initiations

Symbolic Language Mod 1

Module 1 is an introduction to the symbolic language. We look at the importance of myth of symbolic for our human brain. We explore the different perspectives and definitions of health. We then proceed with the seven main transitions we go through in life on a physiological, emotional and spiritual level. Theses transitions then acts as foundations for our growth journey or acts as vulnerable moment to imprint trauma memories withholding such growth processes. 


Symbolic Anatomy

Symbolic Language Mod 2

Module 2 is an introduction to the formative forces of our body and psyche in the development of our organs, systems and structures of our body. We will explore the relationship between form and function of each organ or body parts, becoming one with it as if to witness the world from that part's perspective. Creating a connection to this part of us and listening to it's messages. This can be useful for anyone on a healing journey both for ourselves or for your healing practice. 

coming soon


Symbolic Journey

Symbolic Language Mod 3

coming soon

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- an online community of students
- 8 meetings / year 
- mentoring & Q&A
*for students of Biodynamic Touch and Symbolic Language Series

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online trainings

sessions in Montreal

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Biodynamic Touch

Norway - Bali - Greece - Montreal

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