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Studying healing inevitably leads us towards discovering the principles of nature.

Listening to living organisms is an immersion into the dynamics of life. 

Receiving and studying a form of therapy naturally changes the way we live our life 

bringing more awareness and presence to our everyday rhythms.


presence creates a space and deepens intimacy 

These workshops intend to develop our awareness of space, increase our depth of presence and explore the relational field between each of us creating a microcosm of our world within a small group of 8-12 people 


Therapeutic benefits abound but these aren't the main orientation of our intention

We learn to be with ourselves and with each other, a group field is created and each workshop journey is unique and cannot be repeated  


As we learn to be with what is, we will also be curious about the principles of healing arising from touch

We will look at the concept of health seen from different perspectives

learning to recognize body language and living anatomy 


Training / Retreats Locations


Winter 2021


module 1

 Jan 21 - 27

module 2

Feb 1 - 7

module 3



Spring 2021

module 1

April 26 - May 2

module 2

May 4 - 10


Fall 2021

module 1


module 2


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