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Jean-Manuel Nadeau


It’s not a coincidence why I ended up where I am. I work with memories in all forms and ways.

Photography has all to do with immortalizing a powerful moment into something that will defy time. Like a recollection of what my body has felt into a visual sculpture of time.


Astrology, another of my passions, has all to do with the passage of time experienced through various cycles. Imprints held in shape, and dissolved by planetary dynamics.


Meditation and healing, allowing past memories to surface, making peace through acceptance of what has occurred, with awareness – something that is available to us only in the present moment. Freeing memories we carry inside ourselves holding back our further growth. The suffering of others reminds me of mine, so as of the collective, perhaps why I feel so called to use my hands and reach out.

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BioDynamic Touch Sessions 

The body is a mystery, a complex bundle of sensations, expressions, movements, forms and functions. A record of our past, a script of our unfolding future. A temporary prison of our soul, or a temple of greater expression of your light. This mystery can’t be explained but can be explored. 


Biodynamic Touch sessions consist of a blend of Craniosacral therapy, pure biodynamic work and an exploration of the field of archetypal/symbolic psychology. 

I have studied Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy & meditation since 2008 and assisted in trainings for 5 years. I have founded and teach Biodynamic Touch training to develop skills in listening for all therapies. Creating a sacred space is at the core of a healer’s presence. I also offer advanced training on dynamics of healing and the archetypal language of the body. We develop skills in discerning multiple root causes of suffering of what we call nowadays: illnesses and diseases.

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