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BioDynamic Touch Sessions 
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The body is a mystery, a complex bundle of sensations, expressions, movements, forms and functions. A record of our past, a script of our unfolding future. A temporary prison of our soul, or a temple of greater expression of your light. This mystery can’t be explained but can be explored. 


Biodynamic Touch sessions consist of a blend of Craniosacral therapy, pure biodynamic work and an exploration of the field of archetypal/symbolic psychology. 

I have studied Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy & meditation since 2008 and assisted in training for 5 years. I have founded and teach Biodynamic Touch training to develop skills in listening for all therapies. Creating a sacred space is at the core of a healer’s presence. I also offer advanced training on dynamics of healing and the archetypal language of the body. We develop skills in discerning multiple root causes of suffering of what we call nowadays: illnesses and diseases.

Our body is our own inner cosmos where magnificent forces abound. We are born out of fluids, and all come from the ocean. All the structures in your body came from one drop of fluid. How to learn about the human body, by the body itself. How to listen to it's millions of years of evolution. The body speaks through anatomy, through motions and sensations. How to find the inner space within from which we can listen to a creative intelligence far beyond our mind, while applying awareness as healing presence. 

Our objective is to develop our perception and sensitivity towards these subtle forces and comprehend the principles of healing at work and how it is enhanced by our inner stillness, perceptions and heart presence.  


when the principles of healing become the principles of being

When we observe the stream of time, we see that everything unfolds in one direction.  As a flower emerging and unwinding into the morning light is impossible to fold back into its bud, so is an embryo manifesting into a human body impossible to grow back into a single cell.  It is evidence everyone can simply observe, yet most of us forget it when it comes to sickness, disease and health issues.  We unconsciously and consciously wish to be back in the state we once were.  It is easy to look at the body as a mechanical machine, that is supposed to work a certain way and when it doesn’t, we get it fixed.  The assumption that we fix our state of health in order to retrieve the body we once had is based on a mechanical understanding of this universe.  


We are undeniably flowing towards the future.  The future state of health we wish to have is in the future, not in the past.  Many people find themselves in a block or inability to flow towards that future, therefore impairing the ability of consciousness to flow in its intended direction.

In an evolutionary biodynamic approach to healing we are not looking for forces that bring a person back to their original state, but listening to the forces that are bringing them towards their intended manifestation blueprint.  In every problem there is a wish, in all issues, a proposition. In chaos exists a secret order.  It is because we do not know how we are all intended to blossom that we choose to look for a known past-pattern to identify with.

Again, look at a flower blooming.  Observing and witnessing this process is the only thing that can be done, and is a doing very close to being.  The power inside the forces of embryogenesis, the love that directs the unfolding of life into matter -- are one and the same with consciousness.


Many alternative therapies are philosophizing about this oneness, this wholeness --We hear about it all the time. Yet most therapies are taught through a puzzle of techniques and anatomy slides, separating the body into as many pieces as the mind needs to satisfy it’s fear of the unknown.  

The use of techniques, intent, and mechanical manipulation is bound to be limited.  Nature doesn’t create based on linear processes and mechanical models.  Nature is perceived as such, yet all life is born out of the vacuum of space, from which matter arises.


Take all the science away.  Take all of what you know and put it aside for a second. Look at an embryo, observe it.  A gracefully unfolding form within a fluid we all remember to be home.  A space, a shell, a bubble, a container, a home.  The size of a drop of water, it contains an image of what you will become and all that is required to unfold to its growth.  


Who are we, to impose a “perfect image” that anyone should align themselves with? Who are we, to know whether this present state of chaos isn’t what’s intended to be in the first place?  Who are we, to even believe we can understand all of this creation?


Let your mind sink into your body to listen to the forever present teacher within and without, the universal principles of nature.  

“The role of the shaman or healer at this point is to assist the patient in finding the root causes of their behavioral problems, guiding them in locating and recalling the moments in their past when the patient abandoned their original dreams in favor of self-destruction.”


what is biodynamic craniosacral therapy

It is an approach to healing that acknowledges and accesses the deepest healing foundations of the human system. Anchored in the physical body, we get in touch with an energetic essence called “the breath of life” generating tide-like fluid movements that manifest as a biodynamic life force within the human system. This ordering principle of inherent health integrates all cellular and tissue forms and functions and is at work as an “inherent blueprint” from conception until death. The healing potential, and the knowledge of what needs to occur is already enfolded in the condition of the issue and will unfold in its own way.

Our objective is to develop our perception and sensitivity towards these subtle forces and comprehend the principles of healing at work and how it is enhanced by our inner stillness, perceptions and heart presence.  

Your craniosacral system and central nervous system have a reciprocal influence on all of the other systems of your body, such as the digestive, respiratory, cardiac, lymphatic, systems. The craniosacral system is also important to the development and function of the brain and spinal cord. It is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround, protect, nourish and remove waste from your brain and spinal cord. In this work, we get in touch with the embryological forces that shaped and created your body and let themguide us. This ordering principle has created your body from the moment of conception to birth and is constantly at work in creating a state of health. The ability to surrender to these forces and let them re-create the original human blueprint is our only task.


Montreal, Canada

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Based in Montreal, Canada, I offer individual sessions and trainings here and in Norway, Sweden and Bali. 

I do believe in the right timing for everything. Since 2005, I've been following my heart to so many places around the world, discovering my passion for photography and healing.


Every year, life still surprises me with where I end up and who I am becoming. I've never intended to be where I am now, I have only let myself be touched by what came on the way. I've met my teachers in a similar way, I never looked for them neither were they looking for me. I never intended to become a therapist, I've just followed my passion for discovering the inner experience of my body and through this, a world has opened up and I am blessed to assist others in this reconnection. 

If you resonate with what you see here, maybe there is something for you in our encounter. Trust. I let my classes shape with who is drawn to it, together, we create a group field where we let the teachings unfold. 

Write me if feel free to connect. And if you are interested to organize a class in your area, do let me know, anything is possible !

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