The land where I hold classes is a primordial importance and factor in my decision to offer workshops. 

This class will be held in Ubud, Bali, where I've spent 12 years of my life. This land is sacred to me.  It has taught me more than I could ever imagine and it is a blessing to be held by Bali during our healing journey. We have 6 days of class and 1 day in the middle of the retreat to rest & integrate. 

You can easily find accommodation around Penestanan, where the retreat will be held. 


A vegan lunch will be provided, prepared by chef Made of Moksa restaurant.

If you feel the calling to be on one of those classes you are welcome to join us for this journey. 


Module 1    January 22-28th, 2020

Module 2    February 1-7th, 2020

Module 3    February 11-16th, 2020

“All works are being done by the energy and power of nature, but due to the delusion of ego, people assume themselves to be the doer”


— Expressed by the Bhagavad Gita.

what is it ?

Biodynamic Touch is for everyone interested in learning about healing presence, perceiving from the heart, and the power of non-invasive touch.

It is for anyone to further deepen their awareness of self, the body and their inner world. As well as any therapist looking to add skills and presence to their practice. 


Module 1  focuses on developing perceptual and relational skills, anchoring your awareness in the biodynamic approach and discovering subtle energetic anatomy and the principles of healing. 


Module 2 brings us on a journey through physical anatomy and integrating within ourselves our own inner space through the ventricular spaces in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid.


In Module 3, we work more deeply with embryology, venous sinuses and the language of the body, living anatomy and it’s symbolic.

These seven day classes starts with centering and listening practices intended to create a sacred space for us to explore the dynamics of healing, to deepen into the stillness of presence, and to enter into contact with the body by allowing its inner wisdom to guide us through a treatment. 

We will also cover the principles and anatomy of craniosacral therapy such as the fluid tide, diaphragms and membrane, and look at stages of embryology through a combination of theory, practice, group sharing, demonstration and time for questions.


Who can attend ?

Module I is an excellent starting point for anyone looking for self-healing as well as those wanting to add skills to their practice or deepen their understanding of the healing field (energy therapist, massage & movement therapist, CS therapist, yoga teachers and meditators). Our own healing is key in order to facilitate for others.

Level I is a requirement for further levels. If you are an experienced practitioner, you will benefit from doing this module over and over again, there is nothing like observing the principles of nature with a fresh new outlook ! 


The intimate field created within the group is of primary importance. 


Spaces are limited to 8-12 students and the group field will be shaped by each of us. Feel into your heart if this is the class for you. 


7 days class

Module 1

Jan  22-24 | First 3 days of class
Jan 25 | Day of rest
Jan 26-28 | Last 3 days of class

Class end with a group dinner on 28th

Module 2

Feb  1-3 | First 3 days of class
Feb 4 | Day of rest
Feb 5-7 | Last 3 days of class

Class end with a group dinner on 7th

Module 3

Feb  11-16th | 6 days of class
Class end with a group dinner on the 16th

What a day look like

Class starts on the morning of the first day at 10am and end around 6-7pm.  A typical day will see a lecture on different topics, practical exercises, demonstration sessions, exchange practice, sharing and questions & answer.  


The retreat also includes a vegan lunch.  


plant based restaurant

Over the year I have become a good friend of Chef Made and Janur from Moksa plant based restaurant. Their dream is to create a community between the founders, the staff, the farmers, the expat community and everyone visiting Bali. 

I came to eat at Moksa even before the restaurant opened, their warm welcome and the intuitive spontaneous cooking of chef Made touched me deeply and created a lasting connection with them. 

Since, I've dreamed of the day where I'll hold classes on their land. 

Located in Panestanan, you can easily find accommodation nearby and walk to class everyday. 

I'm looking forward for you to meet Chef Made and Janur Yasa from one of the most acclaimed new vegan restaurant and garden in Bali

Workshop Venue

The venue

Moksa plant based restaurant and organic garden

Panestanan, Ubud, Bali  

To make a reservation

Prices includes vegan lunch from Moka restaurant

1 module: USD 700 $   

2 modules: USD 1350$ 

3 modules: USD 2000$


A deposit of USD 200$ can be made to reserve and hold your place until full payment. Deposit is non-refundable.

If for any reason the retreat should be cancelled by us, you will receive the full amount back. 

Click here to reserve your space 

any questions ?




How to get to us !

Google map: Moksa Ubud

You can easily walk or rent a scooter to go around in Ubud


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