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The land where I hold classes is a primordial importance and factor in my decision to offer workshops. 

This class will be held in Ubud, Bali, where I've spent 13 years of my life. This land is sacred to me.  It has taught me more than I could ever imagine and it is a blessing to be held by Bali during our healing journey. 

I will offer my 3 modules of biodynamic touch for the last time in bali this next February - or at least for a few years 🙂 - in a new location, at IBAH in Ubud.


This retreat is designed for anyone interested in healing, whether you are a practitioner or if you take this class for your own personal healing.


My practice has been centred around creating a relationship with the unknown, never forgetting that what we know, as useful as it can be, will always be in the way of truly listening to someone and their unique story and destiny. The balance between profound listening and the skills we learn to develop is key to provide an non invasive touch free of agenda and projections, providing unwavering safety to be who we are (as a practitioner or patient) instead of feeling pressure to change, improve or be different. 


Early bird bookings available until Dec 15th ! 

You can easily find accommodation around Penestanan, where the retreat will be held. 

A traditional vegan lunch will be provided, prepared by the team at Ibah, taught by Tjok Maya Kerthyasa, writer of the culinary book PAON.

If you feel the calling to be on one of those classes you are welcome to join us for this journey. 


Level 1   Feb 4-9, 2024 

Level 2    Feb 11-16, 2024 

Level 3   Feb 18-22, 2024 

“All works are being done by the energy and power of nature, but due to the delusion of ego, people assume themselves to be the doer”


— Expressed by the Bhagavad Gita.

what is it ?

Biodynamic Touch is a blend of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Symbolic Language. It is for anyone interested in learning about healing, holding space, enhancing your perceptive skills & your therapeutic posture, and learning about the power of non-invasive touch.


Can we explain something that is continuously changing and evolving ? These classes are an immersion and commitment to listen to the intelligence of the field of consciousness in and through our bodies and the field uniting us all. 

It is a retreat or a training depending on how you intend to use and apply this wisdom we will gain together. Either way, what makes a good therapist isn't what we think we know but the safety and depth of listening we can hold and this is often a reflection of what our personal journey has taught us.

We become. Then we hold a space for others to become who they are. 

The importance of the group

Each class is a unique field of healing, never to be repeated again, generated according to who feels called to each specific retreat. There is a reason behind why we come together in a specific group and this reason will become apparent through the sessions that will take place and an active part of how the class unfolds. Each module is like a large session unfolding through which we become indissociable parts of the whole and during which our individual symptoms become guidance towards others and those of others becomes pointers of our own. This collective component is indissociable of an individual's health. Sacred space unites our individual trajectories.  



What is healing ? It is often associated with "changing" what we wish would change: "Wanting something we do not have or removing something we do not wish to have". I suggest a totally different approach, what if healing is a profound acceptance of what is ? Accepting what happened to us and more importantly, accepting where it leads us in our future. 

The unknown


From my experience, what we think we know always end up collapsing one day or another. Knowledge is useful but will never be more important than our ability to listen. You can spend your whole life adding knowledge only to see it disappear one day like a sand castle on the beach facing an uprising tide. Trying to hold on a sense of self or a body of knowledge as an unchanging truth is bound to fail. We do not know how the universe works, but that doesn't stop us from creating and maintaining a relationship to it, opening a space to hear it communicate with you. There is a language to this unknown and we can all learn it. 

Listening posture

Listening is an art beyond our known senses and a two way communication based on trust and safety. Letting go of what we know is a prerequisite in letting humility arise, which creates safety - Safety then invites trust - then trust deepens listening - listening opens dialogue beyond language - dialogue leads to understanding and feeling seen - leading to acceptance & compassion. 


Meeting proper boundaries is another crucial step and our responsibility as a therapist or as a healthy individual within any given relationship. In these classes we will learn how to create a space where true boundaries can be discovered first, then met. A true connection to self starts with a recognition of our own boundaries. There is no healing without true boundaries. Period. It is impossible to connect to someone if their true boundaries isn't recognized and honoured.  

Time and Space

We'll understand that creating a space is essential to the depth of listening and that temporality emerges of a given space created. It will then become essential to learn the steps required to create space. We will also discover and explore the connection between time and healing space, between the past and the future, and the impact of our calendar upon our awareness and understanding of time. It is vital that the space we hold can transcend the limitation of time and space. 

Family Constellation

From time to time, the teachings and principles of family constellation will become a guiding principles of a session or could be necessary to understand some principles of healing. Even if it's not a class specifically on family constellation, it is a beautiful addition to it. 

There are 3 levels available and you can see them as 3 exploration upon our Body-Consciousness 


Level 1 - Sacred Space: Awareness of space


I believe the foundation behind any therapies is the relationship between two people. Trust is foundational. Safety is essential. Acceptance is profound. This non-invasive approach is where we meet someone's true boundary.

At the core of this level 1 is the refinement of our awareness of space and of our listening posture towards another person. We will learn to listen to the unknown, to adopt a posture of listening to nature, to dialogue with the unknown. We will study and observe the beginning of the development of our embryo and its impact on the present. A body is a sacred space of a soul. By recreating conditions as close to the womb as possible, we give a space where the intelligence of the field can arise and unfold. 


Listening starts with healthy boundaries and the integrity of someone's space. We will learn to develop subtle perception of someone's space and the power of finding and respecting our true boundaries. Then we will learn some perceptual and relational skills, anchoring our awareness in the biodynamic approach and learning about healing dynamics or our energetic anatomy. 

Level 2 - Inner Space: Awareness of Fluids


We enter the inner fluid space, a world where embryonic forces have shaped our body and our relationship to space, others and expectations of who we should become. The inner fluid is where our impression of the world has been shaped by our immediate environment, experiences, and the memories of those who came before us. We will observe how our body has adapted and where we became who we think we are in response to the expectations of this external world. Who would have I become if free to unfold according to my inner dream ?

Module 2 brings us on a journey through physiology, integrating within ourselves our own inner space through the ventricular space in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid. We will learn to apply touch and listen to the fluid of the body, through the mid-tide and long-tide. We will cover the foundational principles of Craniosacral therapy. 

Level 3 - As above so below: Awareness of structures


In Module 3, the focus is on integration. How do we hold ourselves and stand in our own verticality as a choice of being who we are. We will explore the body's diaphragms & membranes from our feet to the cranium.


Integration is at the heart of this module. How to carry inner changes into our everyday lives? 

We develop awareness of structures and the language of the body, living anatomy and its symbolism.

Each 7-day class begins with grounding and self-listening exercises, with the intention of creating a sacred space for us to explore the intelligence of our body, in order to deepen our quality of presence, listening, and stillness. 

All this in a balance of theoretical presentations, practical experiences, group sharing, demonstration sessions, and question and answer periods.

The intimate space created within the group is of primary importance. Spaces are limited to 8-12 students and the group field will be shaped by each of us. Feel into your heart if this is the class for you. Trust your intuition. 

This course is designed for anyone interested in healing, whether you are a practitioner or if you take this class for your own personal healing. It is an invitation to gently immerse yourself in the full acceptance of what is !

I invite you to join us on this fabulous inner journey.

Graduates of module I and beyond can take part of our online student community called "Symbiosis"

Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 09.21.27.png

We will cover

Perceptual skills

The field is highly complex.  We will learn to perceive the body on multiple levels of organization -- physical, fluids and energetic. In turn, these skills will become foundations for therapeutic use. We will familiarize ourselves with mid-tide, fulcrums, primal orientation, embryological forces and living anatomy.


Contact skills


To facilitate a session, we position ourselves in relationto a patient. This position, although neutral, is enhanced by the ability to be present and is applied through perceptual skills and through touch. In order to listen to subtle motions and information contain within the body mind, we need to develop presence and body awareness. Knowledge of physiology and anatomy will enhance your awareness. Learning how to listen with your hands while creating a safe touch enhances the relationship with physiology.


Relational field

This work is relational in essence and therefore developing the presence we bring  into the  treatment space is of the utmost importance. We will learn the steps required todeepenour presence, hold space, to listen and to be. 99% of the work happens through the unseen and the unknown. Yourability to remain present while in the unknown is the essence of this work.


Therapeutic skills

Being a compassionate skilled listener is something we can all develop. We will explore how to respond to the variety of situations arising in a clinical setting, from relational issues between therapist and patient to handling trauma release.


level 1 - 6 days

level 2 - 6 days

level 3 - 5 days

Level 1

Feb 4-9th | 930 am to 6-7pm
Class end with a group dinner on the last day

Level 2

Feb 11-16th | 930 am to 6-7pm

Class end with a group dinner on the last day

Level 3

Feb 18-22nd | 930am to 6-7pm

Class end with a group dinner on the last day

Who can attend ?

Level 1 is an excellent starting point for anyone looking for self-healing as well as those wanting to add skills to their practice or deepen their understanding of the healing field (energy therapist, massage & movement therapist, CS therapist, yoga teachers and meditators). Our own healing is key in order to facilitate for others.

Level I is a requirement for further levels. If you are an experienced practitioner, you will benefit from doing this module over and over again, there is nothing like observing the principles of nature with a fresh new outlook ! 


The intimate field created within the group is of primary importance. 


Spaces are limited to 8-12 students and the group field will be shaped by each of us. Feel into your heart if this is the class for you. 



My life in Bali would have never been what it was without Tjok Gde Kerthyasa, my spiritual healing journey was guided by his intuitive wisdom.  

Faith is what brought me to his doorstep, quite literally, I fell off my motorcycle right across his home at Ibah, where my journey with homeopathy started. Tjok Gde has become a friend and fellow teacher I recommend warmly. His sister, Tjok Maya Kerthyasa has re-shaped the kitchen at Ibah with her vision and the wisdom of her grand-mother with whom she created her book "Paon", an exploration of the authentic traditional vegan balinese cuisine. 

Ibah is on their family land, and has a special and unique energy in Bali. I consider us very blessed to be welcomed at IBAH for our retreats and to be nourished by a traditional cuisine.     

Located at the powerful Tchampuan river, near the temple, , you can easily find accommodation in Panestanan or Ubud, or even stay at IBAH, and walk to class everyday. 

I'm looking forward to hold the classes there for the first time this year !


What a day look like

Class starts on the morning of the first day at 930am and end around 6-7pm.  A typical day will see a lecture on different topics, practical exercises, demonstration sessions, exchange practice, sharing and questions & answer.  


The retreat also includes a vegan lunch.  

Workshop Venue


The venue

Ibah is a family-owned boutique hotel located in the historical Campuhan Valley of Ubud, Bali. Set on the banks of the Wos River, surrounded by abundant nature and spiritual sites laden with mystery, the property is steeped in what many have called a special kind of magic.

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Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 09.23.04.png
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 09.21.27.png

To make a reservation

all prices includes vegan lunch from IBAH restaurant

1 level is 850 USD 

2 levels is 1600 USD (800 each)

3 levels is 2200 USD (750 each)

A deposit of 300 USD is required to book your place for any of the modules. 


To make a deposit, see the booking button below. Once your deposit made your place will be reserved and you can download the form that will be available on the checkout page and fill it up. 

Click below to have access to a pre-recorded Q&A and introduction to my classes






How to get to us !

Google map: Ibah Ubud

You can easily walk or rent a scooter to go around in Ubud

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