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Online Classes

symbolic language series

Symbolic Language Online Series

In 2021, the world is moving towards an increasing online presence. At first I was reticent to replacing human connection with a screen and replace touch with a distant connection. Yet there is a value in staying connected, and bypassing the screen and using it as a window or a doorway to unite the space we share.   

I will adapt my classes and teachings to facilitate an online space where we can further the depth of the studies by creating classes with a combination of recorded content and live meetings for sharing and questions. 

A new series of modules has taken shape called "Symbolic Language" with a module on symbolic initiations: the 7 main transitions we go through in life. And a module on symbolic anatomy: understanding the messages of our body parts through the link between their form and function. 


For existing students, an online group sharing on a monthly basis called "Symbiosis" membership is now available, designed for existing students, providing an ongoing field of connection, access to monthly support mentoring classes, a few group sharing, access to a community of students for exchanges and practice, dynamic participation in the content of the classes and discounts on future trainings.

If you feel the calling to be on one of those classes you are welcome to join me for this journey. 


Symbolic Initiations

Symbolic Language Mod 1

Module 1 is an introduction to the symbolic language. We look at the importance of myth of symbolic for our human brain. We explore the different perspectives and definitions of health. We then proceed with the seven main transitions we go through in life on a physiological, emotional and spiritual level. Theses transitions then acts as foundations for our growth journey or acts as vulnerable moment to imprint trauma memories withholding such growth processes. 

Module 1 - Symbolic Initiations


This module introduce the concept of the symbolic language of the body and the psyche in relation to healing. It’s an exploration of the great transition we go through in life, on an hormonal / physiological level, triggering a physiological, emotional and spiritual maturity, or growth process.

There are seven symbolic transitions which can help us make sense of our journey, what we are ready to let go of, what we are invited to embrace, and what resistance we may have towards a certain growth process, and the resulting consequences on our mind, psyche and body. Most of the traumas we can experience in life will be linked to one or few of theses great transitions / initiations.

For therapist, it can be a beautiful addition to understanding the reason someone may be experiencing symptoms of any kind, developing awareness and compassion for where each of us holds imprint of memory of withheld initiations. As well as getting a clearer picture of health and disease, further deepening your listening skills and dive in the unknown mystery of the body’s communication system through the symbolic language.

What we cover

Symbolic Initiations are seen and observed in many cultures or spiritual traditions as a witnessing of the 7 most important transitions we go through in life. During these transitions, we are permeable and susceptible to record a new imprint of being, which can easily turn into a growth process or a failed attempt to growth, which then turns into a traumatic imprint leaving permanent consequences to our personal growth development. Theses transitions often occurs at the same time of an important physiological / hormonal maturity process allowing us to embraced an emotional / spiritual development.

Just like a flower blossom in spring, there are specific and important window of development in our lives that must be embraced in their natural timing. If interrupted, we may seek this rite of passage through healing later on in our life. This class will offer an understanding and an embodied experience through lectures and meditation in order to provide this space to let our body and our emotional body receive what was missed.   

Part 1
1 class as an introduction to the symbolic language of the body

Part 2
What is Health
2 classes on the exploration of the concept of health

Part 3
7 classes on the seven most important transitions we go through in life, initiating a process of physiological, emotional and spiritual maturity.


Symbolic Anatomy

Symbolic Language Mod 2

Module 2 is an introduction to the formative forces of our body and psyche in the development of our organs, systems and structures of our body. We will explore the relationship between form and function of each organ or body parts, becoming one with it as if to witness the world from that part's perspective. Creating a connection to this part of us and listening to it's messages. This can be useful for anyone on a healing journey both for ourselves or for your healing practice. 

coming soon


Symbolic Astrology

Symbolic Language Mod 3

coming soon

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a relationship between two different living organism in which each provides for the other the conditions necessary for its continued existence and it’s respective growth, or evolution 

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