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an online community of students


Image by Sergey Zolkin

For existing students of any of my live or online classes, an online group sharing once every 2 months (7 meetings a year) called "Symbiosis" membership is now available, designed for existing students, providing an ongoing field of connection, regular support meetings, group sharing, access to a community of students for exchanges and practice, dynamic participation in the content of the classes and discounted private mentoring calls

A space for those most called by the field of study we create together. Studies involve integration. Integration involve the ability to apply what we learn from the mystical realms as principles guiding our relationship to our close and extended environment. Creating an ecosystem where all our inner work contributes to the growth of others, and supporting the growth of others contributes to our personal growth. 

Image by Tolga Ahmetler
Sym | {bio} . sis

a relationship between two different living organism in which each provides for the other the conditions necessary for its continued existence and it’s respective growth, or evolution 

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what is it ?

Biodynamic "Symbiosis" membership is designed to provide an ongoing field of connection, studies, insights, sharing, teachings & personal growth.


Throughout my studies, I couldn't dream of anything more beneficial than having access to an "ongoing" field and group support system to assist me through my personal inner journey and as a support for questions arising along the way and through my healing practice with clients. 


Sometimes we simply have a question to ask, support we need, or simply having access to a small group community to be with, meditate with, share our process, ask questions related to our practice experience, and more than anything else, have a field of energy supporting us with people alike, on the same level of awareness to feel deeply understood or connected in important moments of our journey. 

I came out of 2020 with a desire to work in more committed ways, with a committed group on a longer period of time, to go through life together, supporting the field we share to grow and evolve together. I always felt the gaps between classes and workshops and I’ve been wanting to bridge theses gaps with monthly meetings, support classes, Q&A, meditations and group sharing.


I am launching for 2023 a yearly membership group mentoring program with 1 group meeting every 2 months spread along the year, with direct and constant communication channel between each of you and between you and I for questions and comments. Co-creating the themes of the unfolding classes. 


It is meant to act as a little community, with the level of commitment you desire. From silent participation to being available for practicing and assisting others and participating in the content of classes. It is a group field to support one another. An ongoing field. Always available to meditate with. 

Symbiosis online mentoring program  
Image by Florian Olivo


The ongoing mentoring & support community has a few important focus:


Thematic classes (7 meetings a year)

Each classes will approach a theme, either inspired by what the group field brings up or through questions received by students.

(January, March, April, June, September, November, December) 

Open Communication

I will be available to receive emails, questions, comments, personal experience of your journey and work experiences you share and will include those in the content of the classes. All year long. 


Your daily life experience is where we learn the most about ourselves, Symbiosis is meant to bring the class field into our daily life experience. To bridge classroom with life. 


Access to a community of people with some experience in personal healing with whom to connect, practice & exchange. 


Priority access to new material, new classes, with discounts on private sessions. 

Group Field

Throughout the year, I will hold the field of this group which can be experienced and felt during time of need. 

Image by Matheo JBT


If you have studied with me for at least one live or online module, there are two options for you to join


Symbiosis community

Access to the community platform, 7 meetings/ year, recordings, group field support during the year, discounted personal session and future additional material. 

27 USD / month

27 EUR / month

38 CAD / month   

Symbiosis community + 
SAME AS THE PREVIOUS ONE. This subscription is for students wanting to contribute an extra donation for the platform, to cover costs and extra abundance for the field of the group. 

45 USD / month

46 EUR / month

62 CAD / month

* prices are estimation of currency conversion. Subscriptions will be billed in CAD$. 

Image by Taylor Harper


includes everything mentioned above

27 USD / month

27 EUR / month

38 CAD / month

10% OFF with one annual payment

Image by Jon Butterworth

Symbiosis +

same as regular membership but for those wanting to contribute extra for the platform, costs, support of others, etc

45 USD / month

46 EUR / month

62 CAD / month

10% OFF with one annual payment

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